Why are Chiavari Chairs so Popular?

Resin Mahogany Chiavari ChairWhen your guests arrive to be seated at your event, their chairs will be one of the first things they see and touch, so it is important that you put some careful thought into what kind of chairs to select. As your research will soon show, one of the most popular chairs for large scale event planning is the Chiavari chair.

Chiavari chairs are well known for their elegance and versatility, and are the number one choice amongst high level event planners everywhere. They are a lovely blend of beautiful style and practical functionality that always work perfectly to complement any memorable event.

How It All Began

The Chiavari chair was invented in 1807 by Gaetano Descalzi, an award winning master carpenter who resided in the Northwestern Italian town of Chiavari. Upon a challenge by the Marquis Stefano Rivarola, Descalzi was inspired to create a new chair design that would simplify the more decorative French Empire style and be composed of lighter structural elements.

Descalzi’s chair design was a huge success and over the next four decades, many factories opened in his region that specialized in the handcrafted production of Chiavari chairs. The advent of mass-produced, less expensive furniture during the industrial revolution caused a decline in the commercial success of the chairs, however, even today, there are still many shops in Italy that make them using traditional techniques.

The woods used to make the original Chiavari chairs were wild cherry, maple, beech and ash, all readily available in the forests of Italy. The seats were made purple willow strips handwoven into the frame with a special tie system also created by Descalzi.

With the growing sophistication of artificial wood fabrication, these same woods are now mirrored in the modern resin versions of the Chiavari chairs. The result is a combination of the best of both worlds – the elegant appearance of wood with the durability and weatherproof features of high quality resin.

The Chiavari Today

The benefits of selecting Chiavari chairs for large scale events are numerous. They are lightweight by design, and because they are stackable, they are easy to transport and store. For events where you want to convert a section of your venue from a dining area to an after dinner dance floor, having stackable chairs is very useful.

The lightweight design of the chair is achieved by the original construction approach created by Descalzi. He designed each component of the chair according to the stress it had to carry and assembled it with a robust slot system to ensure its durability using the minimum wood required.

Because of their resin construction, the modern Chiavari chairs are almost impossible to damage or dent, no matter how many times they might be stood upon by overzealous wedding speech givers.

Another great benefit of these chairs is the way the backs are constructed with slotted bars rather than a solid surface. This allows you to create a myriad of different design looks that can integrate satin ribbons, flower accessories and other decorative elements right into the backs and legs of the chairs.

The simple elegance of Chiavari chairs is timeless and can act as your foundational canvass for your entire decoration vision for the event.Resin White Chiavari Chair