What You Need To Know About Event Rentals


Whether you’re planning a casual corporate summer event outdoors, a small retirement party located in a neighbourhood community centre or even a wedding in your own backyard, event rentals are a smart, budget-friendly way to create the perfect event. You can forgo the expense and hassle of purchasing your own items and forget about the mess and environmental implications associated with using disposable party ware. Here are some reasons why renting is the best way to get your party started.

Save Money on Event Location

Getting married in a hall or other public location can cost a lot of money, and it may also mean that you and your guests are required to travel a considerable distance. With a party tent rental, you can choose a tent to fit in virtually any location, even including your own garden or in a local outdoor area. Check you can get permission from local authorities, but you may even be able to use a local park or municipal area in some instances.

Save Money on Purchases

Renting items like dishware and linen means that you don’t need to buy them, and the most obvious benefit of this is that you will save money. Even if you are an event planner and arrange regular events, there is no guarantee that your next party will have the same colour or numerical requirements, so it may be some time before you are able to reuse any items that you acquire.

Enjoy Better Quality Items and Accessories

As well as saving money, renting event equipment means that you can afford better quality items than if you were to purchase. It is difficult to justify spending thousands of dollars on items that will have only very limited use, so it is natural to look for less expensive items, but this may mean sacrificing quality. With event rentals, you can spend a fraction of the price and enjoy access to high quality items and equipment.

Easier To Prepare and Pack Up

Companies offering event rentals, like AS Special Events, will deliver the items that you rent, and will often set them up and pack them away when completed. This can save you time attempting the setup and clear up yourself, and it may also mean that you will need fewer people to assist in the process – just another way that renting could save you money.

No Storage Costs

If you do purchase event items, then you will either need to try and resell them after the event or you will have to find somewhere to store them until they are next required. Items like large tents, tables, chairs, and tableware take up a lot of room, even when they are packed away properly for long-term storage.

Event rentals from AS Special Events enable you to enjoy the day, and to concentrate on inviting the guests. You send the invites, and AS Special Events will set everything up, pack it away, and ensure that you have high quality and appropriate equipment and accessories.