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Creative Ideas & Tips for Throwing a Great Retirement Party

The Baby Boomer generation has spearheaded cultural change in almost every aspect of society, and they haven’t finished turning convention on its ear just yet! First they changed the way that we work, and now they’ve certainly changed the way we retire. Retirement is now no longer just about rocking chairs and puttering in the garden. These game changers are starting small businesses, going on trips around the world and generally opting for more active, enriching retirement years … so it’s essential that when you throw a retirement party in honour of the baby boomer in your life, that it accurately reflects who they are. Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Event Rentals


Whether you’re planning a casual corporate summer event outdoors, a small retirement party located in a neighbourhood community centre or even a wedding in your own backyard, event rentals are a smart, budget-friendly way to create the perfect event. You can forgo the expense and hassle of purchasing your own items and forget about the mess and environmental implications associated with using disposable party ware. Here are some reasons why renting is the best way to get your party started. Continue reading

Easy, Entertaining Corporate Event Ideas

Whether you’re an event planning specialist, an office manager or sales professional planning your first large-scale event, one thing’s for sure: as you begin the process, you should be open to considering any and all ideas that may make your event memorable.

As many functions that are staged on behalf of a business include a marketing initiative, in one form or another, the first decision you must make concerns the tone you want to take. While an office holiday party should be fun, festive and lively, the theme of a corporate offsite meeting may need to be far more subdued. Of course this all depends on your corporate culture. Continue reading