Essentials To Consider When Choosing Your Party Event Tent

Many people like to have parties and social gatherings. One of the things they find most useful when planning a get together is renting a tent for the comfort and peace of the host and all guests involved. When planning your event you will want to have a nice personalized touch to it. At tent and party rental Toronto we take all your wants and needs and turn them into a relaxing reality.

Choosing An Event Tent: 6 Options To Consider

  • The size you will need: Consider the number of guests. Will there be a banquet involved? It is rather essential to have a guest head count ahead of time to facilitate determining the size of the tent needed. If you are sitting your guests at long tables as opposed to round ones you will need roughly about 10 square feet per guest.
  • List your party wants and needs: Make sure to only list those items essential to a successful party to function. A good party rental company will be able to help provide you with the essential chairs, tables, lights and a host of other things you will need to make your party or gathering perfect.
  • Weather: Even if everything in your event is perfect, bad weather can ruin any event. if there is even the remote possibility of rain at your event, you may want to consider a water proof tent to keep your guests dry and give them a wonderful view.
  • Color: When it comes to color white tents are generally more cheaper than colored ones. White ones are generally on the whole more available than their colored counterparts.
  • License: Sometimes parties and gatherings may require special licenses or permits. Make sure you have yours or find out at least if you will need one.
  • Back ups: You can never anticipate everything that can go wrong but a few things you may want to make sure to have on hand, “Just In Case”.
    *Repair kits to take care of minor damages to the tent immediately, should something occur.
    *Cleaners to help clear up and clean up the mess.
    *Generators – in case you should have a need for or run out of electricity.

Once you know your party and gathering needs a party and tent rentals Toronto representative will be more than happy to assist you. When you need it right the first time, you need tent and party rental Toronto where Your business IS our business. We are standing by, so give us a call and start planning your party today!