Essential Items for your Casino Theme Party

roulette_wheel_with_layoutWhether you’re planning a wedding reception, a retirement party or even a 40th, 50th, or other milestone birthday extravaganza, choosing a casino theme can make any party lively without having to schedule a whole host of events to get people out of their shells. This is because a well-executed casino themed party already comes with plenty of things to do. That being said, here are the essential items you need to have a successful casino theme party:

1. Casino Tables
What casino is complete without tables to play on? You will need to add all of the best casino games to your party to create a realistic casino effect. So that you don’t forget, we have listed all of the tables that you will need to add (at a minimum) below:
Blackjack table
Poker Table
Roulette wheel and table

2. Chips
How is anyone going to play any casino games without a set of casino chips to make their bets with? Don’t just provide a few chips to play with either. Make sure that there are more than enough chips to go around so that your guests can make big bets and keep on playing. Nobody wants to be at a casino theme party, watching everybody else play because they ran out of chips in the first few minutes.

3. A/V Equipment
Don’t forget that while you have a casino theme, it’s still a party. As such, you need to make sure that it has a super fun vibe. This starts with some great tunes to create a vibrant atmosphere. You need A/V equipment for this.

4. Dance Floor
When someone’s favorite song comes on, they should be able to dance freely without interfering with everyone else’s ability to play their favorite casino games. This requires a bit of open space and a dance floor to let loose on. Make sure that your dance floor is big enough to comfortably house a large portion of the people there. Fortunately, there are plenty of inexpensive solutions to customize the size of a dance floor to your exact needs.

5. Fun Decorations
Nobody wants to walk into a party surrounded by white walls. Even though you have the music flowing and plenty of games to play, you still have work to do to create a true party atmosphere. Fortunately, you don’t have a whole lot left to do. All you need to do is grab a set of fun casino themed decorations. These should include the following decorations:
• Casino themed mats
• Balloons
• Streamers
• Confetti

6. Catering Equipment
People will be at your casino theme party for a few hours; as such, they are likely to get hungry at some point. This makes food a must. In order to effectively provide food to your entire party, you will need some catering equipment. This should include the following equipment:
• Chaffing dishes
• Coffee urns
• Hors d’oeuvre platters
• Food bowls
• Meal platters
• Punch bowls
• Serving utensils
• Trays

7. Drink Supplies
No casino is complete without access to plenty of beverages. Even if you are hosting an alcohol-free casino theme party, you should still prepare yourself to serve drinks in a classic casino style. This means using the following equipment:
• A bar table
• Champagne buckets
• Martini shakers
• Drink glasses

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