Easy, Entertaining Corporate Event Ideas

Whether you’re an event planning specialist, an office manager or sales professional planning your first large-scale event, one thing’s for sure: as you begin the process, you should be open to considering any and all ideas that may make your event memorable.

As many functions that are staged on behalf of a business include a marketing initiative, in one form or another, the first decision you must make concerns the tone you want to take. While an office holiday party should be fun, festive and lively, the theme of a corporate offsite meeting may need to be far more subdued. Of course this all depends on your corporate culture.

Once you’ve made your decisions on attitude and approach, finalize your budget, then contact an events promotion expert to discuss your ideas and nail down details. Great suggestions to research include:

The Traditional Banquet

A sit-down meal is always a great way to encourage full attendance, and has become the standard style of event for holiday parties and awards banquets. For a less formal take, perhaps more relevant to product launches or any event where conversation is encouraged, consider a self-serve buffet or cocktail party featuring finger foods served by strolling waiters and waitresses.

Casino events

From Monte Carlo’s black tie enclaves to Hawaiian-shirted cruise ship outings, casino games cover the gamut of both ambiance and attitude. Decide on whether you’d prefer an atmosphere that’s reserved and sophisticated, or wild and whacky, then stage your staff and settings accordingly. Be careful with the legalities of offering cash prizes, though, you may want to consider corporate branded products instead.

Themed events

There’s really no need to reinvent the wheel to ensure impact; party themes are tried and tested, thus are a sure way to ensure your function goes smoothly. To lend some interest to your event consider a Mad Men theme, roaring 20’s prohibition, tropical beach themes. Consider dressing staff and servers according to theme, or order giveaways specifically intended to link the motif with your message.

Seasonal events

If your function coincides with another, preexisting occasion, consider taking advantage of all the promotional work done by others. If, for instance, you’re staging your event on – or close to – Canada Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day or even the Stanley Cup, why not style your promotional goods, menu or presentation to fit in with that already-existing central concept?


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