Creative Ideas & Tips for Throwing a Great Retirement Party

The Baby Boomer generation has spearheaded cultural change in almost every aspect of society, and they haven’t finished turning convention on its ear just yet! First they changed the way that we work, and now they’ve certainly changed the way we retire. Retirement is now no longer just about rocking chairs and puttering in the garden. These game changers are starting small businesses, going on trips around the world and generally opting for more active, enriching retirement years … so it’s essential that when you throw a retirement party in honour of the baby boomer in your life, that it accurately reflects who they are.

Here are a few tips and ideas that might help get your creative party planning juices going:

Plan a Party that Suits the Guest of Honour

Will you plan a family filled event filled with sentimental slideshows and sweet words, a retro dance party, or a sophisticated wine tasting? The answer all depends upon the personality of the retiree. So before you start thinking about your party’s theme, think about the personality of the guest of honour. You’ll want to consider the following:

  • Your guest of honour’s personality – Is he or she a quiet introvert? The life of the party? Family focused?
  • How do they feel about being the centre of attention? Think honestly about this one. While you may love the idea of an elaborate surprise party, many people genuinely dislike surprise, which means that the retiree may not be comfortable with it.

Set the Theme

Now, knowing the personality of the retiree your next step is to decide on a party theme that will suit the guest of honour. Of course the temptation may be to plan something akin to whatever happens to be trending on social media these days, but before you make your decision, you will first want to think about who your guest is and what they like. Consider things such as:

  • What does he or she love to do? (Play poker? Restore classic cars? Dancing?)
  • What makes them laugh?
  • Does your retiree have any plans for what he or she will be doing during retirement? (Travel? Brewing Beer? Raising Chickens?)
  • Do they revel in their glory days?

Once you take these things into consideration, then you can start designing a party that will truly honour who they are. Then you can set the overall feel, menus, atmosphere and activities according to the theme, whether it’s a casino theme, prohibition speak easy theme, a disco night, or really no theme at all but for a gathering of loved ones.

Build a Budget and Stick to It

Now that you have a theme in mind it’s time to create a budget. Whether you’re are planning the retirement party on your own or with others, as a family member or a group of coworkers, you’ll need to decide on how much you can spend upfront. When making your budget, you’ll need to consider the following expenses:

  • Venue rental
  • Tent rental (if outside)
  • Tables, chairs and other furniture
  • Catering (food and beverage)
  • Decorations
  • Retirement Gift!
  • Equipment rental (ie: mic for MC)
  • Band fees or Music system rental
  • Invitations

To cut down on expenses, many of the above items can be rented from your local event rental specialist, AS Special Events.

Whatever you decide to do, as long as you are sincere and caring, it will be very appreciated by your guest of honour. Just know that you do have what it takes to make this once-in-a-lifetime event a unique, meaningful and unforgettable event.